Born in Vienna (Austria).


Training in music by Elly Wright and Duncan Lorien.


Workshops with: Ursula Slawicek, Monika Ballwein, Miriam Papst, Juci Janoska, Carole Alston, James Moore, Carl Panuzzo, Richard Filz and Ines Reiger.


Shared the stage with: Ray Aichinger, Ryan Langer, Wolfgang Wallisch, Maximilian Schauenstein, Albert Reifert, Gerald Schuller, Joschi Schneeberger, Dusan Novakov, Martin Fuss, Margit Schmidt, Thomas Kukula, Gerlinde Koller, Rene Galik, Alexander Blach, Wolfgang Dolezal, Eva-Maria Feimer, Ferdinand Habersak, Robert Goodenough, Karol Hodas, Richard Österreicher and others.


I´m a freelance musician and songwriter (Jazz, Gospel, Wienerlied, Blues, Pop,

Xmas Songs), qualified coach, certified trainer and registered mediator.


As a vocalist I have experience with solo, duo, trio, quartet, ensemble, choir and big band performances.


I am available for songwriting, bookings for concerts, events, celebrations, brunches, weddings, baptisms, funerals and other music projects.

I look forward to your request!