Songs, songs, songs and even more than songs written by Doris Schroeder (for audios see german register "Meine Lieder"


I Loved It Of Course

Soft And Slow

Sleeping Captain

Midnight Blues

Moon And Stars

A Day In September


I Danced Through The Rain

Love Is Our Star

Martina´s Daydream

Pool Party Rock 

Song For You 

Smart Lady 

Bleib Bei Mir

Freunde (Wienerlied)

Liebe Ist

Was Das Leben Erdacht 

Send Me A Sign (Modern Gospel)

Angels (Modern Gospel)

He Is Always By My Side (Modern Gospel)

My Trust In You (Modern Gospel)

Ticket To Heaven (Modern Gospel) 

Leuchte, Leuchte Sternchen (Weihnachtslied)

Twinkle, Twinkle Starlight (Xmas Song)

Christmas Morn (Xmas Song)

Christmas Time Is Near (Xmas Song)

Christmas Together (Xmas Song)

Hold On (Modern Gospel)

Praise The Lord (Modern Gospel)